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Dice Settlers: Teotihuacan Promo

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Ficha informativa

Dependência de idioma (0-4)x
Nº mínimo de jogadores1
Nº máximo de jogadores4
Duração30 a 60 minutos
Idade mínima14
MecânicasDice Rolling, Tile Placement, Area Control / Area Influence, Deck / Pool Building
CategoriasCivilization, Territory Building, Exploration, Expansion for Base-game, Dice, American West


This promo was available in the Teotihuacan: City of Gods box.

Promo consists of 1 hexagonal Map tile (starting tile) that is just added to the base game tiles.

Tile Info:

No - 7a
Type - Starter
Color - Desert
VP - 1/0
Type - Placement
Ability - Gain 1 orange die