Russian Railroads Juri Dreigleisky Ver maior

Russian Railroads Juri Dreigleisky

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Dependência de idioma (0-4)0. Nenhuma
Nº mínimo de jogadores2
Nº máximo de jogadores4
Duração1 a 2 horas
Idade mínima12
AutorHelmut Ohley, Leonhard "Lonny" Orgler
MecânicasWorker Placement
CategoriasTrains, Industry / Manufacturing, Expansion for Base-game


This is a small expansion that consists of 1 engineer with the number 13. He is called Juri Dreigleisky (the surname translates into Threerailsky). His action is to move 3 rails, independent of color one step forward each, but they have to be on different railways.
This expansion was first published as a promo for Stadt Land Spielt 2017 in Germany by Hans im Glück.