Novo Speedy Roll (Hedgehog Roll) [vencedor Kinderspiel des Jahres 2020] Ver maior

Speedy Roll (Hedgehog Roll) [vencedor Kinderspiel des Jahres 2020]


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Dependência de idioma (0-4)x
DuraçãoAté 30 minutos
Idade mínima4
AutorUrtis Šulinskas
MecânicasModular Board, Roll / Spin and Move, Point to Point Movement, Cooperative Game, Race
CategoriasAction / Dexterity, Children's Game, Animals
Nº de Jogadores1-4


Under the thick canopy of trees, the hedgehog is hurrying back to its cozy home. Uh-oh! Here comes the fox, looking for its next meal. The road home will be a real adventure!

In Hedgehog Roll, you want to roll the fuzzy hedgehog across the forest floor to collect apples, leaves, and mushrooms that allow you to move further along the path. Play either with the competitive mode to race against each other or with the co-operative mode to race against the sly fox!

The game includes advanced rules that offer a challenge for adult players who also want to try their hand at rolling the velcro-covered hedgehog about the forest floor...

—description from the publisher