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Dependência de idioma (0-4)x
DuraçãoAté 30 minutos
Idade mínima4
MecânicasLine Drawing, Acting
CategoriasChildren's Game, Party Game
Nº de Jogadores4-16


A Disney-themed children's game in the Party & Co family.

The game is played in teams. The aim of the game is collecting four Disney tokens. To earn these, the teams have to complete challenges. The type of challenge is selected by a Micky Mouse shaped electronic random generator, which also doubles as a timer. If the team guesses the correct word in time, they earn a token. The first team to collect four of these wins the game.

Challenges come in the following forms:
- Pantomime: A picture with Disney characters tells the player which activity has to be mimed.
- Drawing: The player has to draw something on the drawing board.
- Party glasses: The player has to wear the party glasses, look at a picture and guess the Disney character that is shown (the glasses are tinted red, which makes some of the lines in the drawing disappear).
- Who am I? A card with the image of a Disney character is placed in the card holder. Only a small section is shown, and players have to guess which character it is.
- Find something that is... for example, green. The player has to find an object from the house/flat that matches the task.