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Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star (Kickstarter edition 2018)

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Novo e selado

É uma expansão, para a jogar necessita do jogo base Xia

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Ficha informativa

Dependência de idioma (0-4)1. Reduzida
Nº mínimo de jogadores1
Nº máximo de jogadores5
Duração2 a 3 horas
Idade mínima14
AutorCody Miller, Ira Fay
Peso (gr)1314
MecânicasDice Rolling, Tile Placement, Modular Board, Variable Player Powers, Pick-up and Deliver, Trading
CategoriasMiniatures, Science Fiction, Expansion for Base-game, Dice, Space Exploration, Adventure
Nº de cartas105


This is the first expansion for the game Xia: Legends of a Drift System.

In its meandering across the galaxy, the drift system of Xia has come into orbit with a dying star. Once habitable worlds now sit desolate waiting to be ransacked by opportunists, and an unknown cold fills the void. New dangers, hidden treasure, and adventure await in this abandoned system. Uncover the mystery in: Embers of a Forsaken Star

This expansion adds:

New Sector tiles
New Mission cards
New Ships
A solo campaign
And much more!