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Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave

Van Ryder Games

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Dependência de idioma (0-4)2. Média
Nº mínimo de jogadores1
Nº máximo de jogadores1
DuraçãoAté 30 minutos
Idade mínima15
AutorA. J. Porfirio
Peso (gr)1039
MecânicasDice Rolling, Hand Management, Card Drafting
CategoriasCard Game, Dice
Nº de cartas64


Description from the publisher:

In Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave — a standalone expansion to the solitaire game Hostage Negotiator — each turn represents a conversation between you and a hostage taker. You play cards and roll dice to increase conversation points, decrease the threat level, and release hostages.

Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave uses the same "hand-building" mechanism found in Hostage Negotiator that puts cards you purchase directly in your hand for next turn, but it features new Conversation Cards, new Terror Cards, new Pivotal Events, and all new Abductors — each with new rules and new demands! It can be played right out of the box and also expands the original Hostage Negotiator.

Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave comes in a box that fits all released content for Hostage Negotiator to date with room for more.